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The Thunder dropped their 3rd game in a row at residence and 4th overall, falling to the Raptors in overtime, 123-114.

Top takeaway: the Thunder now have same autograph album as Clippers but due to tiebreakers, are in 8th place.

Wednesday night the Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Toronto Raptors for the first of their domicile and habitat matchups this week. But with Mr. Thunder Nick Collision had his jersey retired tonight, an issue that proved to be the put the accent on.

Russell Westbrook led the Thunder taking into account 42 points, while Raptors talk to Pascal Siakam led the Raptors considering 33 points.

Toronto was dominant throughout the game and led prosperously 106-94, subsequently than just four minutes long-lasting in the fourth quarter. With the game seemingly in hands, some Oklahoma City fans elected to depart before.

Thats plus Paul George went on the order of a personal 9-0 control to bring the score to 110-108. Then, in the middle of just five seconds remaining, Westbrook scored a game tying layup to infuriated overtime.

Unfortunately, George fouled out in the unqualified seconds of the fourth quarter. In overtime, the Thunder didnt score until the resolved minute, losing 123-114.

Torontos Gameplan:

The defensive gameplay affix by Raptors head coach Nick Nurse, was tremendous.

In add occurring, they placed their best defender in Kawhi Leonard more or less George. The decrease results was George leading the Thunder later, but abandoned scoring 19 points on 3-10 shooting from three, and fouling out in the grow less.

How Oklahoma City Fell Short:

First and foremost the Thunder started off horribly in checking account to the subject of marginal note, allowing 39 points in the first quarter. This riled them to doing from astern the stop of the game, a common theme on summit of the late accrual month.

Toronto had invincible ball argument all night and it showed by shooting on zenith of 50 percent from the floor, and 39 percent from three as a team.

Secondly, Oklahoma City was poorest from the pardon toss extraction, shooting 15-29 at the stock. In a comeback win that fell curt in OT, such carelessness was a deciding factor.

Despite controlling the boards for much of the game, they were unable to capitalize kick out threes after ORBs. Oklahoma City shot 13-43 from set against, which is a pedestrian 30 percent.

A win upon Friday is desperately dependence for this Thunder team, but in facing the Raptors a 2nd epoch, they may locate themselves soon alone at the bottom of the West.

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